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Mint Cosmetics

Price: $59.99

This is by far one of the most sophisticated teeth whitening kits I've seen on the market today.


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Please Note: Mint Cosmetics is located in the United Kingdom so hipping times to the United States can be VERY LONG. If you are located in the United States then I highly suggest you check out the Formal Whitening kit instead. I like it much better personally.

With that being said.

Do you know that age old saying that you get what you pay for? Well that definitely holds true when it comes to Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whiting Kit. In my opinion they have one of the most professional home teeth whitening kits that I’ve seen thus far and it’s also one of the more pricier ones. With that being said I can tell you that this simply works and it works damn well, one thing that I recently discovered is that Mint (the company) has been issuing these take home kits to dentist all over Europe so if you live in the UK or any other part of Europe, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably ran into a dentist selling one of these kits.

Originally these guys were promoting their product only in the UK/Europe and has recently started to promote in the US as well. If you’ve read my other teeth whitening kit reviews you’ll see that most of them are poorly made or simply just don’t work.

With the Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whiting Kit It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll see results after the first application do to their 6% Hydrogen peroxide gel. It also comes with a professional grade mold creation kit which is no different (as far as quality is concerned) from the ones you’d receive from your dentist, they are made out of the the exact same material so you’re getting the exact same quality.

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Here is a promo video showing the demonstration of the product being used as well as the creation of the molds:

This product is awesome in so many ways that it’s not even funny, first off they’re one of the only whitening kits that actually come with an instructional DVD on how to use their equipment properly. All the materials (including the packaging) are very well made so you can tell that they take pride in the quality of the products that they offer and unlike other so called
“teeth whitening products” they don’t manufacturer it over seas, all of its manufactured within the UK which is one of the reasons why the quality is so high compared to other kits.

What really caught my attention though was the fact that they give you a 30 day money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work as advertised. Also, if you read their website on the homepage it says that if it doesn’t whiten your teeth  in 30 minutes you can get a full-fledged refund, no questions asked. They’ve made sure to put emphasis on the fact that it will actually whiten your teeth within the first 30 minutes of use which is faster than the majority of the kits on the market. This is due to the fact that the primary whitening agent they use is hydrogen peroxide which is exactly the same thing dentist use to whiten your teeth.


Do You Have Any Proof That This Works?

Of course, I’m not expecting you to take my word for it because obviously you don’t know me so you don’t know if I have an incentive or not. For one I must say that I would never promote a product that I didn’t believe would actually work. I’ve done extensive research on this product plus I personally know people who’ve actually used it and I can feel comfortable promoting it to the masses because it simply works and I think they deserve more recognition. If you search online you’ll be pressed to find any negative reviews about this company or its products.

Now, I did do a search on amazon for reviews but it seems like this company is not selling on amazon  (as of this writing) which is to be expected, they are a fairly new company in the US market. They have been around the U.K for a few years now and there are several review from people in the U.K, also I don’t know if Amazon is as popular in the U.K like it is in the U.S.

With that being said I went ahead and found a few blog posts (and videos) of users who actually used the product and wrote an honest review on their blog with no incentive (Mint actually sent them the kit for free), as a matter of fact if you look at the Twitter page of Mint,  you’ll see that they’ve actually been  shipping the product to a select few users for free in exchange for an honest review (good or bad)  as to what they think about the product and how they can improve it. So make sure you check out their twitter page and you’ll see the re-tweets of the reviews that some of the users left. The links are below:


Also 7 Real Video Testimonial (These are NOT paid reviews)















Plus reviews by 2 very reputable magazines:


So to put everything into perspective here are the pros and cons of this product:

Note: The results may vary between individuals


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee If You Don’t Get Results (No Questions Asked!)
  • (4) 6% Dental Professional Hydrogen Peroxide Gels
  • Cost Effective (Last for 50 applications!)
  • 3 Mold Mouthpieces
  • Free Whitening Pen (Good for last minute touch up’s, but not necessary)
  • Instruction DVD (One of the only products on the market which comes with one)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Applicator Tip
  • Teeth Shade Guide (To Show The Progress That You’ve Made)
  • Free Shipping (Depending On Location)
  • You only have to purchase the kit 1 time, after that you can purchase the refill gels separately.
  • Whitens Teeth up To 11 Shades
  • Cost Less Than Traditional Teeth Whitening Performed by Dentist ($300-$600)
  • Results Last Up to 2 Years! (Your diet will paly a major role in this)
  • No LED Required


  • The first 30 minutes of use are pretty intense.
  • It’s priced higher than most kits.

Honestly there were only two cons that came to mind and that was the intensity of the first use (which is to be expected) and the price of the kit, but everything else was simply perfect. I mean, at the end of the day, it does exactly as advertised and your entitled to a full refund if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason.

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