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A lot of the positive power swabs teeth whitening reviews you see online are simply fake, for those of you looking for a kit that actually works I suggest you read the review I did on the The Most Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally. Below I’ll explain in full detail as to why you should avoid power swabs along with proof as to why this product does not work.

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No Hydrogen Peroxide

So let’s get right into this, the first thing I noticed when I purchased this whitening product was the fact that it does not use hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening agent. Why is this a problem? Simple, ALL dentist that perform tooth whitening use hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening agent, Period! Whitening gels containing Hydrogen peroxide has proven to be the most effective way to whitening teeth and this is why dentist still use it to this day. Numerous studies have been performed on different ingredients used for whitening but none of them were able to outperform hydrogen peroxide gels. This alone clearly explains why a vast majority of people are not satisfied with the results of power swabs (as shown in Amazon screenshot below).

Beware Of Their Pricing Model

Now, this is what really pissed me off, their shady billing practice. This company uses this auto billing tactic where once they have your credit card information you are continuously billed for the product automatically, so basically it’s NOT a one time purchase. Here is a screenshot of their policy hidden at the bottom of their site so that most people won’t see it (because anyone in their right mind wouldn’t purchase after reading this):


So basically no matter what “discount” they give you, they’ll end up screwing you later with continuous billing. The funny part (not really), they make it seem that all you have to do is call to cancel, we’ll here is a review left by a person who tried to do just that:

So as you can see from the screenshot above, it seems that the company does not honor their refund policy at all. Once you give them your credit card information and they bill you, there’s not much you can do about it at that point.

Amazon Reviews

Let’s also take a look at the reviews left on Amazon regarding power swabs, below I took a screenshot showing the latest review (as of this writing):

I can literally go on and on, there are so many negative reviews about this company and their products that it would probably take me a second article just to prove that this company is basically a scam. I have yet to find a single “real” review from someone who has seen any positive results using this product. So those of you who were wondering if it works, hopefully, this article answers your question.

This is why I created this site, so innocent people don’t get scammed, it’s really unfortunate a lot of people will most likely not end up getting their money back from the looks of it.

My Recommendation

Currently my favorite teeth bleaching kit is the Formal Whitening Kit. This company is 100% honest and actually makes products that work. If you haven’t already check out my review I did about them (click here).

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