Why You Should Avoid Majority of Teeth Whitening Kits & Products

Did you know that the majority of teeth whitening kit’s especially the ones you see on social media, scrolling down your timeline are NOT FDA approved and can possibly contain harmful ingredients?

For example, this is what happened to Jake Barrett, 22, from Rushton, Northamptonshire (U.K) using a popular whitening kit (Crest 3D White) he purchased, as you can see in the photo below the Crest 3d White Whitening Strips left a grape sized hole underneath his chin (you can Google the story).

This photo above shows the end result of the emergency surgery performed on Mr.Barrett after using the Crest 3D White Whitening Strips.

According to Mr.Barrett, he used the kit as instructed and didn’t really think anything of it since so many people on social media left positive reviews about the whitening kit he assumed everything would be fine. Well days later after using the kit, he noticed a sack formulated under his neck due to a possible chemical reaction caused by the whitening kit which caused a cyst to form and could have killed him had he not gone the hospital within 48h according to doctors.

“This was an extreme case but even minor accidents happens all too often when not using the right whitening products.” – According to dental nurse Lucy Powell


I was recently chatting with a dental nurse named Lucy Powell and we had a wonderful chat about teeth whitening kits and other whitening products, she told me that:

Contrary to popular belief, you should not be using teeth whitening products especially the ones commonly found on social media since the FDA doesn’t regulate the majority of whitening products so there is no telling which ones are safe and which ones are dangerous.

When I first heard of this I in awe since I always assumed that the FDA regulated all whitening products but that’s not the case according to the FDA’s own website. A teeth whitening product manufacture can “choose” to register with the FDA but it’s “not required” for them to do so. With this being the case, some manufactures go as far as to avoid registering with the FDA to hide potential toxic/harmful ingredients that the FDA might disapprove of.

So then I proceeded to ask her, “which whitening kit do you recommend?” She said the only teeth whitening kit that she recommends is the Formal Whitening – Teeth Whitening Kit. See told me the reason why she recommends this kit to her patients who want to whiten their teeth is for several reasons, one of the reasons is this whitening kit is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and it’s currently the ONLY whitening kit that is kosher certified, does not use animal products or any preservatives (which is key).

Lucy mentioned:

“I believe if  Mr.Barrett used the Formal Whitening Kit or any other whitening kit that does not have chemical preservatives (which most whitening kits have), he would of most likely avoided that gaping hole underneath his chin or any other negative effects that is usually associated with teeth whitening kits. “

According to Lucy,

“The vast majority of the the teeth whitening products you come across in stores and online will have preservatives and other foreign ingredients since the FDA does not regulate most teeth whitening products nor do they require the companies to test products prior to releasing them to the public, so you’re essentially playing Russian Roulette with your dental health”.

So don’t be fooled by popular teeth whitening products that have ton’s of reviews on facebook, amazon, endorsed by celebrities, etc.. A lot of the time product manufactures either pays for fake reviews or give discounts and free products in exchange for reviews, this can lead to bias/skewed reviews. This has become such a problem that amazon and the FTC have started suing and issuing fines in excess of $250,000 to some product manufactures and companies utilizing or selling fake reviews.

Also, another thing you should be on the lookout for is whitening kit’s that offer “free trials”, this is usually a scam. These companies who offer free trials usually end up charging your credit card for the full amount later without your consent. I’ve done several reviews on multiple teeth whitening companies and this was always the case!

Lucy told me over the years she has seen patients who severely damaged their teeth/gums because they purchased the wrong whitening kit. Below are some photos showing some of what she seen these whitening kits do to her patients:

Click To Enlarge


Receding gums is an extreme example of what purchasing the wrong teeth whitening kits can due over time.


As you can see in the photo, the dental roots are exposed due to years of using the wrong type of teeth whitening products. This will inevitably lead to tooth loss or gum grafting.

The is why it’s important to use the correct/safe teeth whitening kits such as the Formal Whitening Kit when performing at home whitening.

If you know me well enough, you know that before I recommend any product to you guy’s, no matter what, I make sure I perform my due diligence and research to check for any negative reviews (as you should be doing anyways when it comes to any product), this is how you can avoid future potential problems. Thus far I haven’t found anything negative pertaining to the Formal Whitening Kit as you can see below:

Here is another search we performed on Consumer Affairs website:


If you don’t know already, anytime a company/person sells a BS product, it almost always appears on consumeraffairs.com or pissedconsumer.com website. Even though everything Lucy is saying is 100% correct, I always like to go the extra mile just to make sure 😉

With all this being said, if you want to whiten your teeth safely then I recommend you take heed of Lucy’s advice and try the Formal Whitening Kit, in my opinion it’s probably the the best teeth whitening kit for the money. Also, just to note, Lucy is no way affiliated with the Formal Whitening company, she only recommends their whitening kit because it happens to be the ONLY one (based off her research) that does not use chemical preservatives.


Update: So a reader contacted me a few months ago and wanted to know if Lucy had any photos of her patients who’ve used the Formal Whitening Kit. She finally got back to me today and sent me a photo of a patient who use the kit, both before and after photos. The before photo was taken March.3.2016 and the follow up photo was taken March.11.2016.

Here is the, before & after:


Note: The results seen may vary between individuals

So as you can see. The end results looks amazing, and these are NOT photoshopped photos.

With that being said, if you found this article helpful please consider sharing it so that others don’t make the same mistake when it comes to purchasing the wrong whitening products. Mr.Barrett was lucky but what happened to him could of happened to anyone and the end result could of been a fatal one.

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