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Alta White

Honestly I would recommend everyone to stay as far away from this company and it's products at all cost.


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From all the reviews that I’ve read online (mostly from Amazon) this product is pure trash! Every  single positive review that I’ve read about this product was fake. This is why it’s essential to always do your due diligence when purchasing things because not all companies are 100% honest.

With that being said from what I’ve read the quality of the product is cheaply made, the actual whitening gel is not even  a gel. It’s simply a powder in which it’s suppose to liquefy to some type of paste, either way it doesn’t work as intended/advertised and is simply pure “trash” in a box. I know that sounds a little harsh but I have yet to see a positive review from an actual customer who used the product which leads me to believe that this product/company is A pure scam just like most of these teeth whitening products on the market.

Why Do I Think This Product Is A Scam?

Well let’s start with Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

First off, any reputable company, I don’t care which one it is, would be listed in Google’s search. If you try to do a search for Alta White, you’ll notice that the company website doesn’t even appear at all which is never a good sign. If you type in Mint Cosmetics, Crest White Strips, etc… you’ll always be presented with the company’s website first, why? Because they’re not participating in any shady practices that might trick users into something that they don’t want. Google’s main motto is to “focus on the best user experience possible” and when websites don’t abide by that rule, sometimes Google might completely remove the website form their search which seems to be the case with this website. This may not always be the case but the majority of the time it is. Below I posted a screenshot of a Google search I did for the company’s name and you’ll see for yourself that the company is nowhere to be found:


Again as you can see the company website is nowhere to be found on Google, all you see is just a bunch of affiliate websites (which are being paid to promote the product). Now let’s move on to exhibit B.

Exhibit B

Remember earlier when I was telling you about the negative reviews on Amazon regarding this product and its ineffectiveness, well here’s the reviews that these customers who actually used the product left on Amazon:


Here is the link were you can check out the review above:

Here is 3 more reviews about this product from people who actually purchased it:


Here is the link to the review above so you can check it out for yourself:

So as you can see those reviews were written by the users who actually purchased the Alta White product which was verified by Amazon. Now I bet by now you’re probably thinking that I’m done correct? Well not quite yet, I decided to read their terms of service on their website and it seemed very shady to me from the start, this leads me into exhibit C.

Exhibit C

Their terms of service reminds me of a double edged sword, no matter which end you get, you’ll still end up as the loser at the end of the day.  In their term of service you are allocated 90 days to return the product which sounds good on the surface level, but then if you continue to read further  they specifically say that you cannot return the product once you’ve opened it. Now that makes very little sense because you need to open the product to actually try it or else there’s no way you can tell if it works or not. But once you’ve open the product you no longer qualify for the 90 day refund? Also the part about “Due to the high volume we receive we can no longer be able to cancel your order once it has been placed” Again, this is the first time I’ve ever heard a company say this type of crap, I call BS. Now this is the type of “shadiness” I was discussing earlier in the article. No trustworthy company would ever come up with such a ridiculous terms of service.  Below I have posted an image of the term of service:


So to sum things up, here’s why I gave this product half a star:

Note: The results seen may vary between individuals


  • Absolutely NONE!


  • The Product Is Pure CRAP!
  • The Gel is Actually A Clumpy Non Effective Paste
  • Non Clear Instructions
  • Manufacture Lied About The Given Supply On Amazon
  • Very Shady Terms Of Service
  • No Positive Reviews Online What So Ever!
  • Can’t Return The Product Once Opened (Which Renders The 90 Day Refund USELESS!)
  • Their Website Has NO Contact Page Making It Impossible To Contact Them
  • NO Customer Support Phone Number or Email Address!

All in all this is a crap product from an even crappier company. With that being said, if you STILL insist on trying to product for yourself and coming up with your own conclusion please do so at your own discretion.

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