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Bella Labs

This is a product that I highly recommend that you use at your own risk!


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Here’s another one I decided to review due to the amount of emails I was receiving about it. Now to get straight to the point I do want to say that this kit does not work as advertised and I’ve read numerous reviews across several websites including Amazon (which I will post screenshots of) and the results are the same. Just like the Alta White product that I reviewed, the quality of the product is not there, it seems like this kit was cheaply made and I have barely seen any positive reviews about the product whatsoever.

With that being said let’s just hop right into this,  below I’ve taken pictures directly from Amazon with the reviews that people have left regarding this product and as you can see it’s not very pleasant.

Exhibit A


This just goes to show you how important it is to do your research before you buy anything. So as you can see from the reviews about this product there are not too many happy customers who’ve used this product because they’re facing the same problems that I noticed with a lot of these other kits and that’s the powdery liquefied substances that they keep calling “gel” when in fact it’s an actual liquid.  I’ve tried numerous amounts of teeth whitening products over the years and some of them, for the most part, seem to have the same problem and that’s the whitening gel/agent being poor quality. I’ve also read  that the trays are loosely fitted which causes problems when trying to keep them on for an extended period of time.

Exhibit B

Another thing that I noticed right off the bat was that the contact numbers are exactly the same contact numbers for Idol White which is a teeth whitening pen that I also did a review on and I highly recommend that you read it.


This is why I’m not surprised that this product has so many negative reviews, if you go ahead and read the review that I did on Idol White you’ll also notice that they’ve had an exuberant amount of complaints ranging from billing problems all the way to taking money which wasn’t authorized for them to take. Just like I illustrated in the review on Idol White, the parent company of this product is “BuyHealth”  which the majority of the complaints were geared towards. So because they’re the same company I’m not going to go in depth in this review because all the information that you really need is on the review that I did regarding Idol White.

So to wrap things up here are pros and the cons of this product:

*The results seen may vary between individuals


  • Absolutely NOTHING!


  • Poorly Made
  • Doesn’t Work
  • The Gel Is Actually A Liquid
  • The Mouth Peace Has A Hole In It (Causes the solution to fall out the tray)
  • Company Has Numerous Complaints
  • Could Not Find ANY Positive Reviews From Other Users

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