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Idol White

This teeth whiting pen has many different reviews some positive and some negative, I've provided what I've found so you can come to your own conclusitons


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First off, to clear the confusion, this is not actually a kit it’s simply just a tooth bleaching pen. Now one thing I would like to point out right off the bat based off my own opinions, these teeth whitening pens are never as good as the teeth whitening kits.

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Idol White

The teeth whitening kits are geared mostly towards getting semi-professional results at home and the teeth whitening pens are geared mostly for maintenance purposes or quick fixes.

For example, when you go to a dentist to get your teeth whitened they never “solely” use a teeth whitening pen (some don’t use them at all), they usually use it in conjunction with something else, usually with a hydrogen peroxide treatment. Some dentist gives you the option of using their take-home kit which always comes with a mouthpiece, hydrogen peroxide gel,  and the whitening pen, very similar to whats included in the Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit.

Now with that being said, I was very skeptical about this product from the beginning because it was “endorsed” by the Kardashian sisters. Now I’m 100% positive that they were simply paid to endorse the product to help increase sales since a lot of people look up to them and would love to have great smiles like them. Nonetheless just because a celebrity endorses a product it doesn’t mean that the product is effective, it all comes down to actual users of the product who actually purchased it and left their comments/reviews about it, so for that, we head over to Amazon. I went ahead and took a screenshot all the reviews that the customers left on Amazon about this product so that you can get some insight based off of what other users had to say.


And here is another set of reviews taken directly from Amazon:


Now as you can see there are a few mixed reviews and I haven’t seen anyone give it more than 2 to 3 stars on average and everyone has a different reason for doing so. The conclusion I came up with is that this product actually does work but it doesn’t perform as well as an actual teeth whitening kit. I think the people who are disappointed at the results of the product had high expectations, thinking that it would be similar to an actual kit when in fact it simply a pen and it cannot compete with an actual teeth whitening kit.

If you look at the very last review you’ll notice that someone said that the product usually works for them but that the batch they receive from Amazon was pretty old which rendered the pens less effective than usual. There’s no telling if the previous users who left reviews might have received the same thing, old dried out pens. This is why I tell people that Amazon is great  for checking for reviews on a particular product but it’s not always the best place to buy the actual product itself due to the fact that sometimes Amazon actually stores the product in their warehouse and there is no telling how long it’s been sitting there before they actually ship it out to someone. This is why I recommend you always get the products directly from the manufacturer to ensure that you get the latest/freshest version of the product and not some outdated version that has been sitting in Amazon’s warehouse for God knows how long.

So here’s why I decided to give this product 2.5 out of 5 stars:

Exhibit A

Based off the Amazon reviews above and reviews that other people have posted online there are some people who’ve had success with using Idol White. And as you would expect no matter what the product is, you’re never going to find a product that everyone 100% agrees on. For example some people have severe staining / plaque buildup on their teeth so it’s only right to expect some people to have better experiences compared to others because if you have a case of severe teeth staining/plaque buildup threes no way you could expect the same results like someone who doesn’t have the same level of teeth staining / plaque buildup.

Exhibit B

One of the most important things that any company should have is a “contact” page, there is no excuse as to why any company would not have this page on their website unless they’re trying to deliberately scam you or if they have ulterior motives which I have illustrated in the review of Alta White teeth whitening kit. In the review I did on Alta White, one of the biggest red flags was the fact that their website did not even have a contact page or any information on how to reach them at all.

Idol White on the other hand actually has a contact page and also has a customer support number which leads me to believe that their a legitimate company for the most part. With that being said, I still noticed that there is no address information, only a phone number which raises a few red flags which I will explain more in exhibit C.


Exhibit C (Most Important)

Despite some people having success with this product I recently just discovered that a lot of people have had a terrible experience with the parent company “HealhBuy”. I decided to call the contact information that you see above to speak to a customer service rep and I was directed to a company called HealthBuy, the parent company behind Idol White and various other products. I told them that I was doing a review on their product and had a few questions about it, now what surprised me was the fact that the customer service rep didn’t even know that they sold a product called Idol White.

Then he asked me whether or not it was a product for eyelashes….. Any company who has customer service reps that don’t even know the products that they carry should tell you a lot about that company itself. You’ll never find a reputable corporation or reputable company in the U.S that has employees that don’t even know about their own products that they sell, especially in the customer support department.

But that wasn’t the worst part, I decided to do some research on the parent company “HealthBuy” and I was surprised at what I found. According to user reviews from, this company has been practicing some very sneaky tactics of charging users during the free trial period, continuous billing for products the user either requested the company to cancel or requested a refund for. They’ve also been accused of not giving refunds, and the list goes on.

You can view the complaints here:

Last but not least, one thing I really didn’t like was their TOS (Which happens to be very similar to Alta White TOS)


So with all that being said, the review was meant to be about the product and not the company in general. I provided the information about the company so that you can make a well-informed decision as to whether you want to do business with this company, despite the fact the fact that some users did have negative experiences with the parent company, the product itself did seem to work for some users. So to wrap everything up, here are the pros and cons:

Note: The results may vary between individuals


  • The products actually worked for some users.
  • Some people did have positive things to say about the product itself.
  • Can be used for last minute touch-ups.
  • Can be used for maintenance (after you’ve used a teeth whitening kit)


  • Not as good as a teeth whitening kit.
  • Has a few negative reviews on Amazon
  • Shady terms of service.
  • The parent company (HealthBuy) has a lot of negative reviews.
  • No physical address listed on their website.
  • Results do not last nearly as long as a teeth whitening kit.


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