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Zero Peroxide

Price: 79.99

Another pretty new teeth whitening kit, there not much reviews about it but it does look promising.


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Please Note: Zero Peroxide is located in the U.K and DOES NOT ship to the U.S. If you are located in the U.S then I recommend you check out the Formal Whitening kit instead.

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Zero Peroxide

For one I would like to say that the Zero Peroxide kit is another relatively new kit on the market (U.S Market) which was originally released in the UK first. I’ve done extensive research on this product and the company itself and everything seem pretty much legit. Now because this product is relatively new to the US market like the Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit, there were not many reviews available online (as of this writing).

Now one thing I would like to point out is just because a product doesn’t have reviews online doesn’t mean that it’s good or it’s bad. All it means is that not enough people are actually using the product (meaning people don’t know about it) or the ones that do use the product simply decided not to leave a review ( which is sometimes a good thing) due to the fact that studies show that the average person doesn’t go out their way to leave a review unless it has to deal with a negative experience they had.

What I mean by this is that let’s say if 100,000 people used this product, the average person doesn’t own a blog, plus there’s no telling where they purchased it from, and since this product is not listed on Amazon (not all products are) there’s really no place for people to leave reviews unless it’s negative and you’ll see why in just a minutes. So with that being said, let get started!



Exhibit A

So one great way to always find out if someone has had a bad experience with a particular product or company is to simply check customer review websites such as & 90% of the time when someone has a negative experience with either a company or product they always leave a review on one of these two sites. These sites are dedicated strictly to negative reviews and experiences people might have had with a particular product or company.

This is why it’s highly recommended that if you do find a product online no matter what it is and you can’t find any reviews about it, you should ALWAYS check these two sites to see if anyone has left any negative reviews or had any negative experiences. Usually, when you don’t see any negative reviews, this is a good indicator that no one has had any serious problems with either the company or the product itself so at least you have a piece of mind knowing that you can order with confidence.

I went ahead and took a screenshot below of me performing two searches on both of the websites and as you can see by the results, I have not seen one single negative review whatsoever:


Here is the link to the search results so you can check it out yourself:

I also performed a search on


And here is the other link to the search:

Again as you can see there are no negative reviews about this product anywhere on these 2 sites which is a great sign that the people that actually used the product didn’t have anything negative to say about.  Again please make sure that if you ever buy ANY type of product from a company that you’re not familiar with, make sure you check these two websites first before even thinking about placing an order. If the company is really bad (like Alta White & Idle White) then you’re bound to see negative reviews.

Exhibit B

One of the second things that you should always look at when trying to use or purchase a new product from a company that you haven’t purchased a product  from is the actual terms of service. The terms of service is what allows a company to legally screw you over (if the company is not legit) so this is why it’s very important that you always review it so that you know that you’re covered just in case if you don’t like the product or if you would like to get a refund. You’ll know exactly how the refund process works before you even place your order.

For one, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product or you don’t get the results you expected. Now one thing that I like about this company which leads me to believe that their products actually does work is the fact that they insist that you use the product for 21 days before requesting a refund.

One of the most common things that happens when people purchase products is that they don’t consistently use the products or they don’t follow the instructions correctly. This is why if you don’t use the product for at least 21 days this will greatly affect the chances of you getting a refund because of the fact that you didn’t consistently use the product like you were supposed to. I honestly think that this is a brilliant refund policy because this ensures that people will actually try to use the the full 21 days so that they can see the promised results before jumping to conclusions.

I personally know a few people who’ve done this as well, for example: they would purchase a weight loss program, use it for a few days, quit and then simply say that the weight loss program doesn’t work because they didn’t lose any weight when in fact the reason why it didn’t work was due to the fact that they weren’t consistent enough with the exercises and they never changed their diet to get the promised results.

Another thing you should be aware of is the fact that they require before and after photos that are date stamped for you to be eligible to receive a refundso if you decided to place an order, please make sure you take a before photo just in case.  Again, this goes to show that the product actually does work and that the company wants proof that it didn’t work for you. When it comes to legitimate companies, before they put a product out on the market they have to perform what is know as “clinical test” to back up the claims that they’re making about their products. So it’s understandable as to why they would ask for so much information and proof before issuing you a refund because they want to ensure that their product was at fault and this will also help them refine the product in the future if indeed the product was at fault and not the user.

Exhibit C

Last but not least this product was recommended by an actual licensed dentist and you can view her actual website and G+ profile here:

and here’s what she has to say about the product:


Now I cannot verify weather or not she was paid to say this or if this is actually how she felt about the product. None the less, she is a real dentist and this is her recommendation.

With that being said, I will go ahead and wrap this up with the pros and the cons of this product.

Note: The results seen may vary between individuals


  • From what I can tell, the product actually works. (But since it doesn’t use any hydrogen peroxide, it might not be as effective as the Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit.)
  • Great for sensitive teeth.
  • I found 0 complaints about the company or the product itself.
  • It’s recommend by a licensed dentist.
  • Comes with a Blue Light LED like the ones you’d see at the dentist office.
  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Instructional Packet
  • Fast Results


  • No Phone Support
  • Not As Effective as Kits With Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Price

Disclaimer: Now Remember, this kit does NOT use hydrogen peroxide, so the results will NOT be as effective or apparent as a kit that does use hydrogen peroxide (which is what dentist use to whiten your teeth) so please keep this in mind before ordering. For kits that use hydrogen peroxide, please check out our other reviews before ordering!

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